PRO-TECH Systems Limited has strong consultancy capabilities and operational experience in Logistical System Engineering. We have adopted innovative, professional and modern consulting methodologies in logistics systems consulting and operations training.
With our years experience in logistics operations and supply chain management, we can offer you seamless and integrated turnkey solution for your warehouse logistics applications.
Our Logistics Specialists can provide you…
Logistics Operations Consulting & Training
Material Flow Analysis
Facility Layout Design & Contracting
Warehouse Storage Systems
Materials Handling System Design & Integration
Distribution Process Improvement
Automated Logistics Solutions
Labor Analysis
Results you can obtain…
Improve: -> Information Flows -> Materials Flows -> Process Flows
Lower Inventories with Increased Turns
Improve Staff Productivity Levels
Maximize Utilization of Floor Space and Capacity
Improve Margins and Profitability of Your Warehouse & Transport Operations
Enhance your operation
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Optimizing every space, increasing operation productivity and maximizing customer satisfaction
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